Driving permit requirements

These are the requirements of CAOR to issue a form SF-1010, the state form that students need from their school to obtain a driver permit or license.

Christian Academy of Oak Ridge ( CAOR ) Requirements for issuance and maintenance of this form:

  1. Must have been enrolled for a minimum of 6 weeks and completed at least 9 PACE's.
  2. Student must be making "Academic Progress", i.e.;  Completing the prescribed minimum amount of studies (1.5 PACES per week minimum)
  3. Student must be maintaining at least an 85% Grade Average with no subject below 80%.
  4. Student must demonstrate academic retention of the material studied (answer verbal questions from tests turned in for grades).
  5. Student and parent must attend regular meetings as scheduled (at least monthly)
  6. Parent(s) / Payor on the account must be current on the financial agreement throughout enrollment.

The State of TN is serious about students remaining actively engaged in their education until graduation.  CAOR works with the State by communicating any change of the academic status of our students.

If at any time any of the CAOR requirements listed above become deficient, this privilege is subject to revolkation and the State will be notified of non-compliance.

Upon notification, TN proceeds according to their pre-established process, which generally includes giving you notice to surrender your license.

Information from TN Dept. of Ed: the State will re-instate a license one time after an academic suspension.  A second time results in loss of license until age 18 or graduated.

Some students have indicated that TN withholds re-issuance of Drivers Permits or Drivers Licenses until age 21.

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