Spring 2024 LifeGroups

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  • intercessory prayer call

    If you have a desire to pray, join Melanie Matheny for the "Intercessory Prayer Call."  This will take place on Tuesday evenings at 7.  This group covers church needs all the way to our world in prayer!  

  • Apologetics small group

    Are you able to effectively communicate why Christianity is true? Have you ever felt hesitation about sharing your faith because you weren’t sure how to answer someone’s questions? Maybe you have questions about the Christian faith yourself. Justin hopes to address all of these topics and more as a group looking to equip us as believers, ready to fulfill the great commission.


    Join Justin Miller and this group to engage in great discussion and build each other up as believers. If we can learn to serve people by graciously communicating the Gospel and answering objections that the world raises, then we’ll be able to show people they are loved and highly valued.

    This group will meet at the Miller's house on Thursday evenings at 7:30 or via Zoom.  Childcare is not provided for this group.  If you would like to participate, but have kids, they would love for you to join via Zoom.

  • Power and authority

    John & Ronda Faull will be meeting at 7 pm on Mondays. They will do a Bible based study on the nature of the power and authority given us by Jesus and look at some practical applications of it.  They have room for 12 people only and do not have the environment for children.  

  • men's breakfast

    Join Pastor Drew and the men of LifeHouse for breakfast, fellowship, and a devotion.  This is a great way to connect with other men in the church and encourage one another in your journey with Jesus.  Dates for Men's Breakfasts are:  February 3 and April 27 for this semester.

  • Sons of encouragement - book club

    Do you love to read?  Join this group of ladies as they make their way through the book, "Sons of Encouragement" by Francine Rivers.  The novellas in the Sons of Encouragement series recount the stories of five lesser-known biblical men who made an impact on eternity. Each faithfully sought God in the shadows of his chosen leaders. Each answered God’s call to serve without recognition or fame. And each gave everything, knowing his reward might not come until the next life.  This group is led by Lindsey Miller and will meet once in February, March, and April, but the specific dates are TBD.

  • praying circles around your children

    Join the Kimballs and the Millers as we read "Praying Circles Around Your Children" written by Mark Batterson.  The group will meet at the Kimball's home.  We will learn to create prayer lists unique to our families, claim God-inspired promises for our children and turn our family circle into a prayer circle.  Weekly meetings will be on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30; childcare provided.

  • my sister's keeper

    Join Tara Linthicum and Sheri Eubanks as they lead this group for women.  When women are united, championing each other, and opening their minds to talk about hard subjects, we can revolutionize our churches AND the world!  Unity brings so many more wonderful things into our lives than division brings.  When we champion another woman and keep her well, we sow this championing into our own lives.  This group will meet on Fridays at 6.  Ladies with children are welcome!  We are trying to figure out childcare.

  • golfin' with the boys

    Join Don Miller and Brad Winkle for some golf fun with the guys!  It may be a round of golf or it may be the driving range, but it's sure to be fun!  Dates are to be determined.  Dates for this group will be the first Saturday of each month, February - April.

  • bible recap

    Let's read through the Bible together this year using "The Bible Recap".  The Bible Recap offers short daily recaps of God’s Word—explaining the challenging parts and connecting the dots to help you develop a deep friendship with God.  You read a couple chapters of scripture and then read "the Bible Recap" each day.  We will meet on Zoom once a week to discuss what we've been reading.  This group will be led by Don & Lindsey Miller.  The zoom call will be on Monday evenings at 7.

  • creatives

    Calling all creatives!  Do you have a God-given gift and/or desire to create, but you need an outlet to practice, share, and grow in the Lord?  Do you play an instrument, write music or poetry, paint or draw?  This is the group for you!  We will have a monthly theme, and we will meet at the end of the month to share and fellowship.  Dates and times will be determined.  This group is led by Melanie Matheny.

  • young adults

    Are you looking for a group to fit into?  If you're a young adult (fresh out of high school, in college, didn't go to college, married, single) this group is for you!  Get together with others in the same stage of life as you and connect.  Brian and Emily Kimball want to invite all young adults to their house on the first Sunday of the month directly following the 11 AM service.